Lingo Families in Georgia

This website introduces a public record of the Lingo Families in Georgia. The main focus here is on the ancestors and descendants of Daniel Neil Lingo born 1822 in Stewart County Georgia.

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Daniel’s Ancestors

The early days of Lingos in Georgia are not well documented (yet), however we have documentation that Daniel’s parents were Mary Ann Smith 1800-? and Pinkston Lingo 1795-1865. Pinkston was the son of Sarah Pinkston of Georgia and Patrick Lingo 1750-1801 who was born in Delaware, probably to another Patrick Lingo 1722-?. The younger Patrick fought in the Revolutionary War, which gave him the right to claim land given in return for his military service. He was able to receive land in at least four claims in Washington County, Georgia between 1786 and 1791.

For clarity, the descendants as we can best determine for now:

Daniel’s Descendants

Daniel Neil Lingo married Harriet J Brown 1825-1885 in 1846 in Stewart County, Georgia. They had seven children, 4 girls, 3 boys. John Asbury Lingo 1865-1938 (more below) was their sixth child. For simplicity on this website, family connections will often be expressed in relation to John Asbury. More info about Daniel and Harriet’s children can be found on Daniel and Harriet’s page.

John Asbury Lingo Family

The middle boy and second youngest was John Asbury Lingo (1865-1938), shown below with wife Lela Alice Lasseter (1872-1948) and their 12 children. John and his siblings were all born in Georgia, most in Morgan, Calhoun County, Georgia. There are more details about J.A. Lingo on a separate page.

John Asbury Lingo family

Back row L to R: Arthur Neil, Charles Allen, Raymond, Earl, Joe, Roy, Eugene.
Front row: L to R Louise, Nettie, Grandma Lela, Grandpa J.A. (John Asbury), Inez, Mabel, Lela

Early Lingo Georgians

Two Lingo cousins, Elijah and Patrick (1750-1801?), moved to Georgia in the late 1700s. Patrick is almost certainly the great-grandfather of John Asbury, though Pinkston, Asbury Pinkston and Daniel Neil Lingo. Patrick claimed land in Washington County that was granted to veterans of the Revolutionary War and Elijah became a valued and trusted member of the prominent Taliaferro (“Toliver”) family.

While there is some uncertainty around the lineage of both Elijah and Patrick, they both are almost certainly descendants of John Richard Lingo (~1700 – 1757) who immigrated to the Delmarva Peninsula of Virginia. Maryland and Delaware some time before 1734. Both of these branches of the family had members who moved up the coast to Sussex County, Delaware.

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