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These are items that were found during research and have not been separated out to personal pages or otherwise connected to people. Some of these are outside Georgia.

Daniel Lingo servitude bond Somerset County, Maryland – 15 Aug 1732  – pdf

Thomas Lingo Died Aug 1778 – Maryland Rev War Muster Rolls

Patrick Lingoe land record 1783

Richard Lingo had a “letters remaining in the Post Office at Milledgeville on the 1st of Oct 1823

Pinkston Lingo served on the Washington county, GA, Grand Jury in the March Term 1829

R T Lingo had two letters “remaining in the Post Office at Milledgeville on the 1st of Jul 1836

R T Lingo had a “letter remaining in the Post Office at Milledgeville on the 1st of Jan 1837

John Lingo was a representative from the Indian River Hundred to the Sussex County, DE, Whig meeting, July 1842

Richard T Lingo served on the Grand Jury in Twiggs Co, Ga., March term 1844

The May 1849 Macon, GA, Post Office “remaining letters” list included Richard T Lingo, John T Lingo and Mrs G L Lingo

Elijah H Lingo served on Grand Jury Twiggs, CO, GA, April 1853

Richard Lingo was owed $2.46 from the estate of Myron Bartlett in Dec 1853

William S Lingo was the Twiggs county delegate to the Democratic and Anti-Know Nothing Congressional Convention, 7th District, Eatonton, Ga., July 24th, 1855

William S Lingo served on the Grand Jury in Twiggs Co, March term 1856. He also served as administrator debonis non on the estate of James W. Collins in June 1856, and the administrator for the estate of Rebecca Collins the same month of June 1856.

In the November 4, 1857 Christian Index (Washington, Ga), the following entry in the “Married” column: “By Rev. Lewis Solomon, on the morning of the 25th inst., at the house of William S. Lingo, Esq., in Twiggs county, JAMES H. LOFTON, Esq., of the county of Troup, to Mrs. ELIZABETH P. ROGERS, of.the county of Sumter, Ga.”

In the Dec 30, 1858 The Messenger, Georgetown, DE, The “Married” column included, “On the 19th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, in Concord, by Rev. J. Pastorfield, Mr. Minos B. Lingo to Miss Sophia H. Outen.”

In Feb 1860, a piece of land belonging to John P Blizzard was auctioned off at the door of the Court House. The land was in Broadkiln Hundred, adjoining land of James B Lingo.

William S Lingo had a letter in the Macon Post Office, April 1861

Kelly Solomon Lingo listed as Lieutenant in the 11th Reg., Wilkinson County Ramah Volunteers. Aug 1861

GEORGIA, Twiggs County. (May 13, 1862)
WHEREAS, Gabrilla L Lingo and Acton E. Nash, has this day filed their petition in terms of law, for letters of Administration on the estate of William S. Lingo late of said county deceased. 
  These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of said deceased, to be and appear at my office on or by the first Monday in June next, then and there to show cause (if any) why said letters may not be granted Given under my hand officially at Marion. April, 16th, 1862. 48 5t   LEWIS SOLOMON. Ord’y.

The March 4, 1864 The Union newspaper, Georgetown, DE, lists the following as in the military – enlisted: Lewis M Lingo, John A Lingo, Paynter E Lingo, George F Lingo, William Lingo – drafted: Erasmus M Lingo, Joseph H Lingo, Edward T Lingo.

The 1880 Census records a “John Lingo,” a 41-year-old brick mason from Poland. The census records that he was married to Georgia-born Minerva, whose father was from Poland. They had daughters Katil (b.1874) and Minnie (b.1876) and son William (b.1878) as well as “step-daughter” Elizabeth Walker (b.1871). Further investigation shows that John’s surname was likely “Lynges” (b.25 Sep 1837, d.9 Arpr 1900, Oklahoma), and that Minerva was likely the daughter of an American-born David Wesley Morrow (1794-1862). In the 1870 Census, Minerva, Joseph (3) and Lizzie (2) were in family with Abraham P Walker (27) in Henderson, Texas, where he reportedly died later that year (more likely 1872 or 1873, as his daughter Mary was 7 in 1880).

William H Lingo was master of the schooner John Boston, crashed 24 March 1855 in Savannah River about 2 miles from city, The Savannah Daily Georgian. (Savannah, Ga.) 18??-1856, April 16, 1855, Image 3 – was still master in 1856

Richard M Lingo and/or Robert H Lingo, Savannah – steamship Juniata – 1881 storm and shipwreck – rescued

George W Lingo, 818 Walnut Street, Macon, Georgia, Painter, 1899 City Directory
He was also listed in 1890, and in 1894.
Two others listed in 1894:
Lingo, Jerry, c, cook,  r rear 121 Franklin
Lingo, Theodore, c, lab, r rear 218 Main, E. M.
(The last two are African American, renting the small houses that were commonly found behind the main house.)

Bill Lingo was shot and killed Jan 31, 1896 in Morgan, Calhoun Co, GA, by Tom Keaton of Dothan Alabama. “Lingo’s father was killed very near the same spot many years ago.”

Charles Lingo was “City Bill Poster” in Americus in the years of 1895-1899 (poss. more) (Also Father to Ethel)

December 11, 1898:
“Those who are continually molesting and disfiguring bill boards about the city are put on notice that the boards are private property and it is a misdemeanor to tear or disfigure the paper on any bill board. Parties will be prosecuted by me if they continue in this practice farther.
CHARLES LINGO,  City Bill Poster

Charles Lingo and two other men were going to Macon as jurors in U.S. Court 30 Sep 1919

In Decatur, Alabama, John Thomas Lingo (1882-1957) managed to get both of his brothers thrown in jail with him

Mrs Lovic LingoHelen Katherine Wright 1897-1982, served on the Child Welfare committee of the Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs  – 31 July 1938 – and she was honored by her sisterpt.2 – with a luncheon.

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